Housing Foward Humboldt

A visual experience created to illustrate what an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is & why everyone needs to build one in Humboldt County.

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Humboldt ADU is a program developed by Humboldt County to support and inform homeowners within the county who are interested in building ADUs. Building an ADU not only benefits the homeowner, but also supports the community. ADUs often provide homes for the local workforce and families who serve essential roles in the county. Increasingly, these community groups are finding it difficult to find suitable and affordable housing. With the lack of available affordable housing, building and renting an ADU is truly considered to be a community service.


People have a variety of different opinions about ADUs today, some from failed experiences with them and others from a lack of real knowledge of what it entails to build one from scratch. The County of Humboldt presented us with a unique opportunity to create a visual journey targeted to highlight the aesthetic strenghts and benefits of an ADU and how it can meet the needs of current and prospective residents whilst helping to create new housing for the community as a whole. Louder Design stepped up to the challenge and created a one-of-a-kind visual experience ripe with fluid interactions and subtle color transitions that convey emotion through branded user interactions. The responsive, ADA compliant website is powered by a secure WordPress based content management system that allows for site administrators to perform incredible functions targeted at offering a refined elegance using strategy, research, technology & creative thinking.

Keenan Hilton

Louder Design has been great to work with throughout the process of designing a brand-new website and logo. The team’s professionalism and patience shined from start to finish. During the design process for our logo, Sulen offered guidance and flexibility as we honed our brainstorms into a striking symbol for our Housing Forward Humboldt initiative. The web design process was easy with Louder – the few comments and edits that we provided were incorporated rapidly and seamlessly into the website. Louder Design met deadlines, replied promptly to phone calls and emails without fail, and produced a high-quality website for Humboldt County. Thank you Louder Design!

Keenan Hilton

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Housing Forward Humboldt - Building our Community Together Housing Forward Humboldt - Building our Community Together Housing Forward Humboldt - Building our Community Together